Things to See and Do

So we have you interested but you want to know what you can do at Currigee. Well the simple answer is a lot or absolutely nothing depending upon your needs. But here is a sample of what can be done . . .


Beach – the surf beach at South Stradbroke would be one of the most beautiful in Queensland – it can be accessed from La Boite via the track – follow it to a junction and turn right – let your ears be the guide because it is only 150 metres away.

Take a note of the marker at the top of the sand dunes so that you can recognise it again when you return. Walking on this beach is delightful.

To the north via the beach approximately 10 kilometres is the Couran Cove Resort which if you are a keen walker will be happy to provide you with drinks and refreshments at their beach club should you make it that far.

For those more tempered walkers only about 1 1/2 kilometres north there is a vehicle track which will take you across the island back to the Broadwater. This meets the Broadwater at the Northern harbour which is where the northern campground operated by Gold Coast City Council is located. This is also the most northern reaches of the Currigee community and you can walk back to La Boite via the Broadwater beach or tracks and see glimpses of the other houses of Currigee. To the south of La Boite on the Broadwater side there is also tracks down to the South campground (about 1 kilometre) – from there you can also take tracks across the island to the beach.

The campgrounds there have full facilities for the campers and also a few playground items for children. For those who wish to explore there are many different tracks to take and if you read the History of Currigee by Dr Charles Roe or the second edition of South Stradbroke Island by Ms Salter which are both in our collection of books you will learn some of the secrets of the island which you may wish to seek out and explore.


Both the Broadwater and the ocean are favourite swimming spots but please be careful – there are no lifesavers on the beach and it can be quite rough with strong currents.

The Broadwater with its calm wash is perfect for children or even for those adults who want to do a few laps (from in front of our house to the jetty and back is about 400 metres). The best time for swimming is high tide so check out the tide book to see when that is.

Swimming and Surfing

If you are arriving at the island by your own boat then there are a myriad of other activities on the water which you can do – water skiing, ski biscuiting or even just a run up the Broadwater to Jumpinpin or Couran Cove.


You will see in La Boite there are some surf rods which we would welcome you to use. Rob and I are not the best fisher-people on the island but even we get lucky sometimes.

On the surf side of the island, there are miles of beaches that provide many good fishing gutters. Dart and whiting can be caught year round with tailor and bream also available during their seasons. Best bait to have is pilchards (which you can bring with you from the mainland), eugaries, and beach worms (which can be caught if you are very talented).

The Broadwater provides good access to calm water fishing, which is particularly good for small children. Fresh bream, whiting and flathead can be caught from the beach. The best bait to have is pilchards or worms (which can be bought on the mainland) or yabbies (a yabbie pump can be great fun – walk out at low tide up to some of the mud flats and have a go).


Of course for those of you who just want to relax – you don’t have to move far from the house at all – sit on one of the decks listen to the birds, read a book and have a snooze.

Beach, Boat, Relax

The island is a great place for you to dictate how little or how much activity you want – so you decide!!!!